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This site is dedicated to the use and development of solar energy for your home or business. The use of natural energy resources is both economically and ecologically sound. Our goal is to promote the understanding and use of solar energy through the education of the consumer and aid in efforts to obtain quality systems and installation.

The main sections are as follows:
Pool Heating
Solar and heat pumps for new construction and existing pools, gas heaters, heat pumps and solar systems. The physics of heat loss/gain, pool covers, and system design. this is the most in depth section of and represents the largest source of it's kind on the web today for solar pool heating and heat pumps. Take me there.
Water Heating
Solar thermal, active and passive systems for residential use.
An active system is one where the exchange fluid is actively pumped from the storage tank through the collectors and back into the tank. A passive system is usually an integrated collector and storage tank, while being simpler in components than an active system, the performance is typically less.  Take me there.
The basics of the revolution
in solar electrical systems lies in the ability of small silicon cells to convert sunlight directly to electricity.
Remote locations such as billboards, road signs and other areas where it is cost effective to install solar electric systems with battery backup are becoming more and more common.  Take me there.
A brief history and background
for the solar industry and the creation of this site.
Take me there.
Energy Links
Links to other sites of interest.  Take me there.
Links to sites that provide further research on selected subject areas.
Take me there.
Definitions of terms and concepts
contained in this site.
Take me there.
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