"Typically a well constructed solar panel will last twice as long as the roof, if it is installed correctly."
And it will remain there, if it has been proven to withstand hurricane force winds. The real test for any panel is the extreme effects of the sun, specifically ultraviolet exposure in the case of polymer-plastic pool panels. The construction of domestic hot water panels is a proven design and represents a safe investment in your home.

In this section we will look at what type of systems are available and what the ups and downs are with each approach.
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The Florida Solar Energy Center
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The most comprehensive testing and rating facility in the nation is dedicated to advancing the solar industry through research and promulgation of accurate independent data for the consumer. Established as an arm of the State of Florida University system it has expanded to handle the proliferation of solar technology.

The solar industry and the general public at large have benefited greatly from the testing and thermal rating systems developed by the center. All panels marketed or produced in the State of Florida must, by state statute, undergo the procedures adopted by the center before it can legally be sold in the state. This protects the consumer from the unfortunate effects of fly-by-night contracting. Although the center does not test for longevity or durability of a given product the output ratings at least separate obvious losers.

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